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For almost all of human history axes have been present in one way or another. That is because of its simplicity and amazing ability to get the job done. If you love spending your time in the outdoors, are a collector or have a fascination for axes, then you have come to the right place

An axe is a basic forestry tool specially made for cutting, splitting and chopping wood, and for timber harvesting. If you want to cut through wood and don’t want to get heavy machinery involved, the Axe is just what you need.

From the pieces in our range, we hold in high esteem our SOG TACTICAL TOMAHAWK AXE, because, with a stainless steel blade, it has the perfect combination between resistance, sharpness of the blade and weigh balance that will allow you to make clean cuts using less force than what would be needed in a regular-style axe. This design was made bearing in mind tasks such as splitting firewood. Therefore; its blade, handle and length are true (and most effective) to this activity’s requirements.

We are also particularly proud of our F702 SURVIVAL HATCHET for the reason that it’s a small, beautiful piece that will exceed your expectations. Its stainless steel blade ensures that you will get a long-lasting sharpness and its wooden handle has the ability to resist damage and to absorb the impact and vibrations better than steel or fiberglass. A hatchet can help you perform the same tasks that you would with an axe, but with some additional effort from your side. What an axe gives you in strength, a hatchet compensates by providing you with a better control, less weight and clear transporting and storageadvantages. The beauty of this design resides in its simpleform and functionality.

No matter what activity you need to do, our axe and hatchet designs will ensure you get the tool that performs best and last longer than any other, by half the price.