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The Bowie knife gets its name from Jim Bowie, a man born into a pioneer family in early USA. It’s been said that he severely injured one man and killed another with a “big knife” in the so-called “Sandbar Duel”, in 1827. After Jim died, his brother had made a knife like his and started publicising and selling it. At the beginning of the 1830s, the term “Bowie Knife” started to be used referring to a large, fighting-style knife with a clip point blade, like Jim Bowie’s.

This historical and essential knife is used for all tasks from Survival-Knife activities to splitting wood, skinning game, hunting, self-defence and any other its design allows.

The most notorious difference between the Bowie Knife and a dagger or a simple hunting knife is the quality of finish of the Bowie. Our special selection of Bowie knives is made from a range of clip-point blade designs that vary in details such as the shape of the blade, colours of the handles, engravings on the blades, saw-back, and other decorations.

The blades in our Bowie Knives are made from long-lasting, hard and durable metals that will live up to all of your expectations and ensure you get the best quality product that you need for any of your outdoors activities. Our fixed-blade designs offer you many advantages, the main one being the strength and reliability of the blade. You can rest assured that your fixed-blade Bowie knife will be able to split wood and many other materials without its blade bending or folding in any way.

The same as in all of our knives, the handles in each of our Bowie knives are specially designed in order for you to get the best grip and control of your knife. We also offer you sets of 2 and 3 Bowie knives, for those of you who believe one is just not enough.

  • Clip blade
  • Amazing resistanceand hardness of the blade
  • Can be used for batoning
  • Sets of 2 and 3 knives available

The Bowie Knife: better than a Hunting Knife and a Survival Knife combined.