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The Survival Knife is a multi-purpose tool for the outdoors that can perform the tasks of numerous larger tools, but is smaller and more convenient to always carry with you. Whether you are hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, boating, skiing or just enjoy knives, this is the must-have, reliable piece that will help you meet basic survival needs such as fire, food, water and shelter.

Between the many uses The Survival Knife could have are food preparation, first aid, fire-making, carving, digging, can-opener, hunting, self-defence, shelter-building and hammering. With The Survival Knife, the search for the all around perfect tool is over.

We offer you a wide-range selection of light-weight, resistant and ergonomic Survival Knives that will adapt to your lifestyle and perform better than any other brand’s even under the most extreme of conditions. Each of our knives has a sheath for safe carrying.

Every one of our designs has specific properties to guarantee you find the one that fits right for you. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours but they all remain true to the general characteristics to make certain you get the product you require to successfully achieve your goals. We design knowing your needs.

The metal alloys used in our blades ensure its long-lasting sharpness, high quality and durability, so you don’t have to worry about over-time wastage. Also, we allow you to place your order directly to the manufacturer, therefore reducing considerably the cost of purchase on our products but maintaining our signature excellence.

  • Its sharp blade makes it easier for you to cut through wood, plastic and even metal
  • Handles are specially made so you’ll never lose grip
  • The materials it’s made of will ensure you its durability and resistance
  • You get the highest quality at low costs

You’ll find there are no limitations to what you can do after you complete your gear with one of our Survival Knives.