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A high-quality, specially designed Hunting Knife is one the essential pieces an experienced huntsman would never be caught without in any hunting trip. Generally used for skinning, dressing and preparing game, our Hunting Knife collection offers you knives so strong that can also cut through bone (i.e. a rib cage) in case you need it to.

With our wide variety of hunting knives you will be able to choose the one that fits best into your needs. If you only hunt occasionally, you should take a look at our folding-blade designs since they are smaller, lighter and easier to carry. We assure you our specially-made folding-blade designs will provide you with the strength and reliability a hunting knife must always have. On the other hand, if you are a frequent hunter and need a bigger knife we believe our fixed-blade designs are the ones you’ll want to see.

In our range of designs, we offer you several special features such as safety rings in case you need extra reliability on the grip, different blade-point types for you to choose from, saw back and half-saw blade to make it easier for you to cut through bone, a grand variety of handle types and numerous aesthetic complements (such as engravings, colour, etc.)

By buying one of our designs, you get reliability and durability. You can be certain that your knife will be made out of our signature high-quality metals and ergonomic handles to guarantee you never lose grip. All our fixed-blade designs are full tang to ensure you get the strength and control you need.

  • Strength, control and reliability even in folding-blade designs
  • Wide range of blades and handle types for you to choose from
  • Made out of specially-picked metals to ensure durability and resistance to wastage
  • Low prices while maintaining signature quality
  • Special extra features

We design knowing your needs.