Aiya Wakizashi Samurai Sword

Passed down from sensei to apprentice the samurai sword is Japan's most proud piece of weaponry. Unrivaled for centuries over any other steel blade across the world this hand forged token of triumph can now be wielded by the hands of the warrior within all of us. Made to be displayed proudly upon your mantle this beautiful item is more than luxury; the Aiya Wakizashi Samurai Sword is a symbol of a culture lost in time but never forgotten. The exquisite handle guard presents an image of the samurai from long ago in carbon black overlaid with golden brass. After twelve stages of polishing the blade shines as light reflects off it to reveal an organic curvature in the highest of aesthetic forms. Complete with its own scabbard of onyx black you can feel the power dripping from your veins through the handle to the tip of the blade and your kin and enemies will know you stand with the righteous, or not, it also makes you look good when your admiring yourself in the mirror dressed in your underpants.

General Details

  • Overall length: 78cm/30.7inch
  • Blade length: 50cm/19.7inch
  • Handle length: 21cm/8.27inch
  • Blade width: 3.2cm/1.25inch
  • Blade thickness: 0.7cm/0.28inch
  • Tang: Full tang
  • Blood groove: Single bo-hi
  • Hamon: Distinct hamon
  • Sharpness: Sharp
  • Craft: Handmade


  • Blade material: 1060 carbon steel
  • Tsuba: Alloy
  • Habaki: Brass
  • Seppa: Brass
  • Menuki: Alloy
  • Fuchi & Kashira: Alloy
  • Ito & Sageo: Cotton
  • Rayskin: Genuine rayskin
  • Condition: New
  • Saya: Hard wood

Package Content

  • One Sword with Saya
  • One Sword Bag
  • Sword Stand not Included

Blade: The blade of this sword is hand forged and finished with 12 stages of polishing and sharpening. The steel used is high quality carbon steel, which is very pure, keeps its edge very well and is incomparable. The blade is sharpened, if unsharpened is required please get in contact.

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