Hanako High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword Hanako High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword Hanako High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword Hanako High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword Hanako High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword
Hanako High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword
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Hanako High Carbon Steel Katana Samurai Sword

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This entry-level Katana has sterling white Tsuka and Sageo along with a functional blade good for cutting or training.  Good for the beginning sword collector or practitioner, this sword looks great without breaking the bank.

General Details

  • Overall Length: 103 cm / 40.6 Inches
  • Blade Length: 70 cm / 27.6 Inches
  • Tsuku Length: 26 cm / 10.24 Inches
  • Blade Width: 3.2 cm / 1.25 Inches
  • Blade Steel: 1060 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 0.7 cm / 0.28 Inches
  • Hamon: Wavy
  • Sharpness: Sharpened (for unsharpened please select "blunt")
  • Blood Groove: Single Bo-Hi on one side


  • Tsubu: Alloy
  • Fuchi / Kashira: Alloy
  • Menuki: Alloy
  • Seppa: Brass
  • Habaki: Brass
  • Tsuku: Hardwood
  • Tang: Full Tang
  • Samegawa: Rayskin
  • Ito (Braid): Cotton
  • Mekugi: Iron
  • Saya: Hardwood
  • Sageo: Cotton

Package Content

  • One Sword with Saya
  • One Sword Bag
  • Sword Stand not Included

Blade: The blade of this sword is hand forged and finished with 12 stages of polishing and sharpening. The steel used is high quality carbon steel, which is very pure, and keeps its edge very well.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Greg Bailey
Excellent Decoration

It's important to note first of all that while these swords are sharp and are very much real, they are far from the weapon-like capabilities of a real Katana. The centre of gravity is not where it should be, and the flexibility is completely different. But that's fine, considering that here in the UK, the most you should be using it for is playing real life fruit ninja. The real purpose of this sword, and certainly the reason I purchased it for, is it's decorative purpose. Katana's are absolutely beautiful swords, and this is no exception.
In this case, the sword's design is very simplistic with minimalism in mind - so no lovely artwork on the Tsuba (handguard), instead a clean hollow shape with a matte finish. Very nice woodwork on the saya (scabbard) and the only concern I had was at the start there were some wood particles that came out, most likely due to the long delivery process.
The sword is made of Carbon Steel, and as a result it's important to regularly maintain the sword, where I recommend using Choji oil. Unfortunately, the sword does not come with a traditional maintenance kit and as far as I'm aware, kits are not sold on the Bladespro website, so I had to order one off of Amazon instead. This is my only real complaint.
Overall an excellent decoration suitable for all enthusiasts, especially for the exceptionally low price.

Hi Greg,
Thank you so much for your review and the great detail provided. We are happy to hear that you liked your sword and we will work to get the balance better. As for the maintenance kits, we used to sell those, but now, shipping liquids internationally, specially oil. as they are flammable, are not allowed to be sent. So we had to remove the kits from our site. We are working to get a local supplier, so hopefully we can bring them back again. Enjoy the sword!
Thanks - The BladesPro Team

alex greenall
High quality sword

Really lovely sword, simple and classy. Would be 5 stars but is just a little loose fitting into the sheath. Happy with my purchase. Just for info i was charged a £20 custom fee for a blade around £150 which arrived promptly after the fee was paid. Fair and high quality Thank you!

Hi Alex,
Thank you for taking the time to leave us some feedback. We are so happy to hear that you like your sword. I will send you a private message with tips on how to fix the fit of the saya. Thanks! The BladesPro Team

john roberts
Quality Sword

Most satisfied with the sword, better than expected.

Hi John - this is great! Really happy to hear you like it :) Thanks for your order and for leaving us a review. - The BladesPro Team

ESA865 Katana

Information regarding customs charges not highlighted. Delivery was never attempted until charges were paid. This was not made clear.

Hi Alan, thanks for your review and comments. This is duly noted and we'll take it on board. We hope you enjoy the sword though! :)

Regarding the customs: We do try to make this clear on our site -- this information is on our shipping page, all product pages, About Us page, FAQ page, two email confirmations, and shipping confirmations. We also present the customs information, during checkout to try and make it clear, along with estimates in our 'Customs' information section to give an indication.

That said, we'll take it on board to see what else we can add / improve on. Thanks - The BladesPro Team

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