Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword
Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword
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Suna Clay Tempered Katana Samurai Sword

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This Katana stands out from the rest with the earthy clay tones of autumn and the contrast of the silver tsuba. This clay tempered katana sword is absolutely unique.

General Details

  • Overall Length: 103 cm / 40.6 Inches
  • Blade Length: 70 cm / 27.6 Inches
  • Tsuku Length: 26 cm / 10.24 Inches
  • Blade Width: 3.2 cm / 1.25 Inches
  • Blade Steel: 1095 Clay Tempered Folded Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 0.7 cm / 0.28 Inches
  • Hamon: Wavy 
  • Sharpness: Sharpened (for unsharpened please select "blunt")
  • Blood Groove: Single Bo-Hi on each side


  • Tsubu: Alloy
  • Fuchi / Kashira: Alloy
  • Menuki: Alloy
  • Seppa: Brass
  • Habaki: Brass
  • Tsuku: Hardwood
  • Tang: Full Tang
  • Samegawa: Genuine ray skin
  • Ito (Braid): Genuine leather
  • Mekugi: Bamboo peg
  • Saya: Hardwood
  • Sageo: Synthetic Silk

Package Content

  • One Sword with Saya
  • One Sword Bag
  • Sword Stand not Included

Folded Steel: This blade had been folded eleven times, creating 2048 layers. This traditional sword forging method involves repeatedly heating, hammering and folding the swords steel. The effect of this work evens out and homogenises the carbon content, making for a stronger, more flexible blade.

Clay Tempered: The blade has been clay tempered in order to harden the cutting edge while still allowing the spine to remain flexible. The tempering process imbues the blade with a distinctive Hamon (blade pattern). 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Suna 砂 Clay Tempered Folded Steel Katana

* You can view this product in my 1080p YouTube video at

Delivery was fast and only took 12 days from the date of purchase to being delivered at my door. Item overall quality left me speechless and almost completely satisfied. Unfortunately the beautiful blade fold marks featured in the stock photos are barely visible after the standard manufacturing polish process, but they're still somewhat visible under medium dim light. A small sacrifice in order to give the steel better protection against rust while giving the blade a glossy and shiny finish at the same time.

Custom engraved laser fonts look smooth, but hand carving would've been a lot more appreciated. FYI engraving only shows on one side. Double Bo-hi looks amazing on the blade and helps distinguish this mid-tier katana from the cheaper replicas. The color scheme and design both make this sword a collector's must have. The katana's overall quality is very high for its price of just under USD $400. This is a true bargain in my honest opinion, and feels just one step below a $$$$ Elite Katana.

First Impression, sturdy and smooth to the touch thanks to its quality leather ito wrap. It also features a near perfect center of gravity. Along with its 60HRC steel, all materials used feel expensive and tightly precise, even alloy components feel like pure cast iron. The sheath feels sturdy and pleasant to the touch and works in perfect harmony with the blade, specially during the drawing and sheathing of the blade. With the right amount of care and discipline this katana will last you a lifetime.

Hi Felix,
Thank so much for taking the time to do such a great and detailed review and the unboxing video is great! We take your feedback on board and look into having an option for engraving to be laser or handmade, so people can choose their preference. We are super happy to hear that you liked the sword, we hope you enjoy it for many years!
Thanks - The American BladesPro Team

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