Bahco Laplander Review: Top-Quality Folding Saw in the Spotlight

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Are you looking for a top quality folding saw for bushcraft or pruning? Basically, you have a lot of factors to consider. Primarily, you need to take regard of the convenience. This is difficult to find, especially now that not all folding saws are well-balanced or hassle-free to grip.

Moreover, it is also crucial to take into consideration the size of the saw in relation to the measurement of your hand. If you are purchasing online, it is easy to find out if the product you are interested in will give you no worries in user comfort. You can simply check out what its previous buyers have to say.

Most importantly, you should also look for a folding saw that is control-fitted. This is regarded as the ideal selection if you want to attain utmost ease in operating the equipment.

Apparently, with the aforementioned factors, the market has something to offer in advance – Bahco Laplander Folding Saw. You will see the reviews of the product not only in tons of websites but also in forums.

It is also obvious that when you review the feedbacks, you will obtain only high praises from its previous and existing owners. Nonetheless, you may want to learn more about the product. This is not a problem since the following excerpt will introduce you to the high-quality equipment in detail.

What Is Bahco Laplander Folding Saw?

 Bahco Laplander Review

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is considered to be among the top omnipresent tools for pruning or bushcraft available today. At present, you can even consider the product as a legendary option. Why? This is due to the fact that it does live up to the hype you are seeing online.

By looking at it esthetically, you will already find that the product has an attractive design. Although it is not common to describe a folding saw based on its appearance, you will still find the folding saw oddly attractive compared to its rivals in the market.

You may even deem the folding saw as the best-looking one you will ever find. You can also compare it to a folding knife that puts together every tool you need.

However, more people care about the performance of the saw, which it will not fall short in. Many have described Bahco Laplander’s operation to be seamless and highly rated in various feedback sections online.

Expectedly, it comes with a 7.5-inch blade, which makes it a highly sizable tool. In truth, you can even put it in your pocket, providing ease when you have to move from one place to another. Although the tool is lightweight, you will be surprised that its performance can compete to any folding saw’s feat in the market.

Do you know that you can use it as an alternative to your hiking tools that are practically heavy? Truthfully, there is a possibility that it can replace an ax in a way since it can be utilized in many situations.

If you will check out the construction of the material, it can actually work alongside a large knife, and you will not even find any difference. There is more to its attractive design – build that gives way to quick and easy execution of tasks.

You will also love the fact that the blade of the product can be detached and replaced at the same time. You can basically use a Philips screw in order to unscrew the pivot.

Stunningly, it can chew through logs. You may be hesitant at first, but when you try it, you will be more than surprised. In record time, you can eradicate a three-inch wood without physical hazard. You can even decimate most materials with reduced effort.

How Is the Folding Saw Used?

Bahco Laplander, making short work of firewood

You will be using Bahco Laplander in order to cut logs or branches, particularly coming from small to medium trees. If you are working on a medium tree, you may use the folding saw in order to decimate five-inch diameter of logs.

It is actually impractical if you will use the seven-inch blade in order to cut through bigger branches. Moreover, you may need other tools to do such task.

Bahco Laplander is also sold as a piece of equipment to cut through not only wooden logs but also bones and plastic. The XT toothing of the product is very fine and sharp, which means you can cut materials in any direction possible.

In other words, when you pull, you will still be able to cut the material. Alternatively, pushing also provides you the same result. Apparently, regardless of the angle of cutting, the output is good.

If you do not try taking on large logs, you will not have issues about the blade sticking to the material. So long as you do not go beyond its capacity, the work will be done easily and quickly.

When the saw is folded in or out, the blade will be locked securely. In other words, it will not simply cause cuts to the operator. For instance, when it is folded in, you will not worry it from closing over your hand.

Observing the performance of the folding saw will help you learn that the tool does not stick much. It rarely does. This is considered to be due the design and coating of the blade.

Carrying the folding saw is also very easy since it comes with a wrist and belt leather lanyard. Having it with you at all times is now possible despite the rugged activities you will go through.

As claimed by its manufacturer, the rubber coating was added to the tool so that you will not have problems using the folding saw even in wet conditions. Extended use will not be an issue as well.

You may use the tool for survival, bushcraft, and hikes among others. If you are searching for a folding saw that is compact, lightweight, dependable, and tough all at the same time, this product is a good choice. Besides, it will provide you ease of use and quicker execution of the task.

What makes the folding saw more amazing is that you do not necessarily have to swing it. In other words, the risk of the blade bouncing against the material you are cutting is eliminated. Even if you position it at an unlikely direction, it will still provide a fine cut.

What Is the Build Quality of the Equipment?

The build quality of the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is remarkable. When folded, its length is nine inches or 23 centimeters. Basically, a heavy gauge steel has been utilized in order to construct its seven-inch blade.

You will also notice that the teeth have been hardened for extra durability. As for the reduction of friction, Bahco Laplander made it possible to add a coating to avoid corrosion. This will make cutting through wood, plastic, or bone much easier.

Despite the fact that the tool is considerably light, you will feel that it is constructed solidly. When you fold it in and out, you will notice that it is meant for long-term use.

The blade of the folding saw is also matched with a comfortable-to-use handle. Do you know that Bahco Laplander made it possible to create the handle for both small and large hands? In other words, you do not have to worry about sizing at all.

Furthermore, the material used for the handle is high-density plastic and will not easily shatter. Even if you use the item continuously, you can anticipate the blade to keep on operating without a discrepancy in its performance.

The rubber coating of the folding saw also makes it reliable for an extended use and good grip. Regardless of the weather or environment, the grip technology of the material is paramount. Besides the material’s grip, you will also find a palm swell found new the saw end.

The construction of the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw will not be complete without the safety lock, which is meant to keep the blade secure both when in use and folded in.

You will also love the fact that there are no crisp detents or phosphor bushings found in the tool. It also has a pivot, which can be unfastened for the replacement of the blade. As anticipated, the pivot of the folding saw is a screw and a bolt.

Top Features of Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

There are various features that this folding saw can offer. Apart from the fact that it has a high-quality build, there are various reasons why most people purchase this product. To give you more details about its attributes, given below are the following:

Material Compatibility. You will not have issues when it comes to working with the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw, particularly if you are pertaining to the material to cut. It can cut both wet and dry wood. As mentioned above, it may also cut through bone and plastic.

Regardless of the material you have to decimate, the blade has a special chromium coating that will keep it from rust.

User Comfort. You will find the folding saw very comfortable to use. It is highly balanced. It also has a handle made for easier grip. Every factor necessary to comply with the operator’s convenience has been complied with by the product.

You do not even have to worry about the sizing since the tool is designed for both large and small hands. You will find it comfortable to hold even if you will use it for extended period of time. This was proven even by the reviews from its previous and existing owners.

Some customers even described that holding the folding saw gave them a weird feeling of actually doing a lot of things easily with the tool.

Razor Sharp Cut. The folding saw is designed with sharpness, making it easier to use and safer to operate at the same time. It will provide you a quicker execution of task. It requires minimal energy in every cut.

You can use its blade to cut in every direction you prefer. So long as you do not use it in extremely thick logs, it will not stick to the material.

Prevention of Notches and Dings. You will also find the folding saw highly usable if you want to get really low when cutting wood. It has a very thin stock, which means that it is versatile enough. Warping and torque can be totally resisted by the material.

This is also proven by reviews, stating that the folding saw does not collect many notches or dings, which are commonly found on a blade’s edge when used.

The fact also implies that the folding saw can be used as a gardening tool apart from strenuous activities. Despite being perched on a branch in a perilous manner, you will still be able to cut tree branches with much safety and considerable reach.

Easy Maintenance. Bahco Laplander made it possible to create a folding saw that is very easy to maintain. Normally, craftsman and gardeners sharpen their tools using conventional tools. With the product, you will be able to make the task easier by replacing the blade.

You simply have to loosen the screw, detach the blade, put in a new blade, and tighten the pivot. The replacement blade is quite expensive with a price point ranging from £12 to £20. Nonetheless, there are reasons for this, such as the advanced features and intensive manufacturing of the components. It is your discretion where to buy one and what type of blade to use.

Pocket-able Tool. The folding saw can be brought with you anywhere minus the inconvenience since it can be pocketed. You will not even feel it is in your pants, especially now that it weighs next to nothing. You may describe the folding saw as a highly unwieldy tool as well, unlike its rivals.

This is considerable if you need to take a walk and get a few logs. Bahco Laplander also developed this tool in order to support people who reside in farms or require frequent cutting of small limbs or saplings.

Trusted Manufacturer. You can be certain that there will be no issue when it comes to the source of the folding saw; Bahco has been present as early as 1886. Its founder, Johan Petter Johansson, was the one who invented and patented the adjustable wrench and modern plumber wrench at around 1890.

From then on, Berndt August Hjort offered to secure the marketing rights for Johansson’s products. After 64 years, the company got its present name. The present parent firm of Bahco today is Snap-on Incorporated.

For approximately 130 years, the manufacturer has been recognized for producing top-quality tools.

Cost-effective. Everything you need from a folding saw is found in Bahco Laplander’s product. In other words, there is no reason for you to neglect considering investing in this product. Although others may claim that the price of the folding saw is equivalent to purchasing a larger saw, it is a great steal if you want a long-term tool.

You also do not need a bigger cutting equipment if you are only executing small tree cuttings every now and then. Besides, who would not want a folding saw that you can bring almost anywhere?

Pros of Choosing Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

There are various reasons why you should consider buying Bahco Laplander Folding Saw. Apart from its exceptional features, there are also advantages that will encourage you even more to take regard of the product.

To provide you its top pros, given below are the following:

Lightweight. The lightweight profile of the product makes it a must-have for people who often need to cut small to medium branches or perform gardening tasks. It is also a top option for survival kits since it will not cause inconvenience when being carried.

Paired with its light construction is the compact design of the product. Despite the fact that it is light, you will not have problems in getting all necessary folding saw capabilities from it. Truthfully, it even exceeds expectations.

Useful for Various Situations. Even if you check out yourself the reviews regarding the product’s performance, you will find only the best feedbacks. For most previous and existing owners of the folding saw, the tool is easy enough to use for getting the job done.

Some also stated that they will no longer be going to an outing without carrying the folding saw. If you want to fill in your scout pack, complete your survival kit, or collect gardening tool, this is a great option.

Seamless Cuts. The folding saw has the capability to cut through dry and wet wood with ease. Take note that reviews also stated that even if you use it for both hard and soft woods, you will not have any issue. Other users even described the folding saw’s mechanism to be similar with slicing butter.

Less Fatigue. Many users have also commended Bahco Laplander for providing a folding saw that eliminates constant stress on the hands of the operator. Regardless of sawing several branches, you will only have to exert a little effort.

With such advantage, even your kids will be able to work with you when necessary using the tool.

Safety Features. You do not have to worry accidentally cutting yourself or anyone near you while working with the folding saw. It has a self-locking mechanism, which means that the blade will not simply swing by itself when not in use. Once folded in, the blade will be secure accordingly.

It also cuts despite putting it in an awkward direction. This is totally different if you are using an ax for cutting branches or saplings.

Cons of Purchasing Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Apparently, no product is perfect. This is the reason why even the folding saw coming from Bahco also has flaws as reported by its users. However, you must know that its shortcomings are not major problems, which make the tool no longer usable.

Given below are the following:

Limited to Small or Medium Timber. It is true that the folding saw is not applicable if you will work on thicker or larger logs given it only has a seven-inch blade. As mentioned earlier, it may not be applicable if you will work on wood with more than five inches in diameter.

Nonetheless, this con is overshadowed by the fact that the folding saw can cut through a variety of materials other than wood. For instance, it can slice through bones and plastic components.

Easily Wearing Powder Coating. Many users have also complained that the blade’s powder coating does not stay too long. The material is actually added in order to decrease friction when cutting through logs.

However, this may be the reason why Bahco made it possible to provide its users an option to replace the blade of the folding saw.

Competitors of the Popular Folding Saw in the Market

Similar to other top-quality folding saw options, Bahco Laplander also has several competitors on the market. It is obvious that the product concerned outperformed its rivals, but, still, it is important for you to compare the items for a cleverer evaluation. This is also a means of guaranteeing that you have chosen Bahco for a great reason.

EverSaw Eight-inch Folding Hand Saw. This is made for backyard pruning but can also be applicable for bushcraft. It is made of a top-quality carbon steel blade. Moreover, it has medium razor teeth that come with a triple-cut design. You can anticipate it to provide sharp sawing and highly smooth cutting.

It has a full length of 17 inches. EverSaw also developed its folding saw with an efficient handle that is comfortable to use, either by right or left hand.

Nonetheless, this product does not have the finesse of Bahco. It may still perform well but may fall short in terms of lightweight profile and friction reduction.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F10N-CP Folding Saw. If you are looking for a folding saw meant for hiking, backpacking, and camping, this is a tool that will stand up to the test. It comes with a high carbon steel blade with a length of 8.25 inches. Its blade also has a black powder coating, making it more esthetically pleasing.

Despite the sleek design of the product, there are complaints in terms of its performance. It has poor ratings in terms of locking mechanism and edge retention.


Given the reviews of Bahco Laplander Folding Saw, you will definitely see that it is a product to seek. It has the distinction of being an all-encompassing product. Despite the fact that it has complied with the top preferences of users, it still pleased its customers necessarily.

Although it was debated that the folding saw may be as expensive as a larger tool, it will still be a great buy if you need a long-term pruning and bushcraft assistant.

From its construction to efficiency and convenience of use, the folding saw cannot be beaten at present.