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Where's my order?

Track your order here using the details that were sent to you in your order confirmation.  Can't find it? Search "BladesPro" in your email inbox. This is the best, fastest place to get an update on your delivery.  
For expected delivery times, see Shipping.  For customs info, see Customs


Where are you located?

We are a small team and business based out of the occasionally-sunny United Kingdom.  Each and every one of our staff members is keen on the outdoors and in particular, Japanese culture. 

We work with a variety of talented suppliers, designers and sword forges from all over the world, which makes our little team truly international in nature. This also means that when you place an order with us you’ll be receiving your item from the very people that put it together in the first place.  Whilst we are based in the UK as a business, we work with a range of suppliers all over the world to bring you the best products at the best prices - whether that’s from Asia, Germany or the USA.  As such, you might find that your order takes a few days to arrive, but we think it’s worth it. 

Where is my order / shipping inquires

The best place to check order status is on our Track Your Order Page using your email address and order number. You can find this by searching for "BladesPro" in your email inbox and finding your order confirmation.  For shipping times, please see  our shipping page.  Please keep in mind that shipping can take a few days to update, depending on business vs non-business days, and shipping timeframes. 

We strive to provide the very best shipping times and to keep you completely up to date with the progress of your order. If you’re not comfortable with the shipping estimates or time for delivery, then please do reconsider making a purchase.  We’d love to have your business, but if you’re looking for next day delivery, then we’re probably not the company for you.  As we work with suppliers all over the world to bring you the best quality at the best prices, this means the shipping can take a little longer (but not always).  If you’re OK with our delivery times, great! And we hope you love shopping with us.

My tracking link is not working

Please allow 5 – 10 business days for tracking to fully update.  If that time has passed, please check order status is on our Track Your Order Page using your email address and order number.  If you'd still like some further information, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

Are your swords full tang?

All of our swords are full tang unless specifically stated as otherwise.

What are your swords shipped in?

To ensure your sword arrives safely, it'll be packaged in a box, with high-micro shock-proof packaging, well sealed with foam padding. Here is an image of this, so you can get a rough idea (note that your sword may be different from this one, this is just to give an idea of the packaging).

Can you create custom swords?

Yes, we can.  If you like a sword but would like to change some elements, or want to mix and match two designs, please let us know and we’ll happily get back to you with a quotation for a custom sword crafted just for you.

Do you offer engraving?

Yes, we are able to offer engraving for sword blades.  This is a great way to personalise the sword for you, or add a personal touch as a gift.  What we can offer at this time, is 'simple' engraving,  as follows:

  • Simple Engraving - Yes. Where you'd like a word or phrase engraved onto the blade of your sword, we can do this for you at a small extra cost.  To do this, click the "Add Engraving" link on the sword's product page, which will take you the Engraving page.  There, you can add up to 15 characters in English, Japanese or Chinese. If you're unsure, feel free to contact us before placing your order and we'd be glad to help with your particular case.  You can opt for vertical engraving down the blade, or horizontal engraving across the blade - here's an image to visually illustrate those two options.
  • Complex engraving - No. For more complex engraving, such as a dragon, image or other design, this is not something we're able to offer at this time. We suggest placing your order, and once it arrives you can visit a local engraver (for example at a shopping center in your area) and request the engraving there.

My sword was delivered with oil. Why is that?

To keep the blade in great condition and avoid any rusting, swords are delivered well-oiled.

Should I apply oil to my sword?

Yes, it's a great idea to oil your sword's blade to keep it in good condition.  Please see our:

    Are your swords sharp?

    Yes. By default, all swords, except Bleach swords, are swords are delivered ‘functionally sharp’. This means, for example, they are sharp enough to cut bamboo or tomatoes - not that you would, but just to give you an idea of the sharpness!. They are not super sharp, so they can't cut very hard items like bone or metal. This is for safety reasons. We thoroughly recommend being professionally trained in correct sword handling techniques before attempting any sort of cutting.

    In summary, all swords come functionally sharp by default, except for Bleach Swords (from the anime series) which are blunt by default.

    You can choose the sharpness of your sword when you place your order for free - more details below. 

    I would like my sword blunt / sharp

    No problem! As above, by default our swords come sharpened to a ‘functionally sharp’ level (except Bleach swords, see above). If you’d like us to deliver your sword Unsharpened, we can do that - just select the "Blunt" option on the product page when you place your order (you'll see an option for "Sharp" and "Blunt" on every sword product page).  If you have any particular requests, feel free to add them to the order notes; alternatively you can contact us with any questions.

    Bleach swords come blunt by default, but you can choose to have it delivered sharp instead - you'll see an option when you place your order. 

    I like Anime, what sword should I get?

    As a suggestion, our Bleach swords (here's the link to them) are all anime-related (a reference to the Bleach Anime Series). There are several swords on this page that are in that price range and might be a good fit.  Feel free to have a look around. 

    For orders with multiple items, are the items dispatched together, or in separate packages?

    We find it more efficient to send items separately. As we work with various suppliers, who will often send items at different times, and sometimes even on different days, we dispatch individual items as soon as possible, instead of delaying an order by waiting for all items to arrive. As such, your items may be shipped separately.

    Which countries do you ship to?

    We ship for free to most countries. For details, please see our shipping page

    Do you have a rewards program?

    Yes, we do!  You can earn points on every purchase, for referring friends, and even on your birthday.  For the details, please see:  BladesPro Rewards Program

      Do you take orders by phone?

      As we’re an online company in order to bring you the best range at the best prices, we currently don’t have a service to take orders over the phone. However, we are more than happy to help you via email if you need any help or would like to place a unique order. Feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help.

      I’d like to return my item, is this possible?

      Please see our Shipping and Returns page for our information.

      Is there a minimum age to purchase a product from BladesPro?

      Yes, you need to be of legal age in your country. In the UK this is 18 years of age. 

      Please see our Terms and Conditions for our information.

      Will I be charged taxes / VAT?

      No. If you purchase through our site, you won’t be charged VAT / taxes.

      What forms of payment do you accept?

      We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express), as well as PayPal. These options will be available to you at checkout.

      Is your website secure?

      Yes, absolutely. We never store your credit card information, and our website is backed by PCI Level 1 Compliant software, which is the highest level of security in existence. We also use an SSL certificate, which means your transaction is private and secure.

      Are the products on this website UK Legal?

      Please see our legal information - click here. 

      What about customs?  Will my item be detailed / will there be customs charges?

      For all inquiries related to customs, please see our customs information on the FAQ page - click here

      Are there any restrictions on addresses?

      For safety reasons, we are unable to deliver to schools or other addresses we deem unsafe.  Please do not provide a school address - if you do, we may contact you to arrange delivery to an alternative address.  Other address we may deem unsafe include nurseries, hospitals, day-care centers, churches, or government buildings, and other addresses at our discretion.  If we see such an address on your order, we'll contact you to attempt to arrange delivery to a different address.  

      My question isn’t answered here, what should I do?

      If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help.