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Samurai were well known for carrying not just one sword, but two.  They would often carry a longsword (primary) and shortsword (secondary) together in a set called a Daisho (which literally means big-little).  If you want to truly dress as a Samurai, you will need both.  These Samurai swords for sale offer either a Katana or Tachi as the primary with a Wakizashi or Tanto as the secondary.


Tachi were the original Samurai swords.  They were worn with the cutting edge down, and were popular for several centuries before the Katana were developed.  Katana are less curved than a Tachi and are worn with the cutting-edge up, allowing the sword to be drawn and struck with in one smooth motion.  This allowed a Samurai to start and end a fight with just one blow.

The downside of the Katana is that they were not allowed to be worn indoors.  However, Tachi or Wakizashi were.  So Samurai would leave their Katana at the gate or entrance and carry their shorter sword in with them.  The secondary sword, due to its shorter length, was a superior indoor weapon anyway.