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Ninja Sword

The ninja sword, ninjato, ninjaken or shinobigatana are the legendary swords supposedly wielded by the Shinobi of feudal Japan. The sword is heavily featured in popular culture and synonymous with black clad warriors sneaking through the shadows to silently dispatch foes. In modern times the ninja sword is used by practitioners of ninjutsu, which includes Masaaki Hatsumi. However, historically there is little in the way of physical evidence to support the fact that these swords where used by ninja.


Due to the lack of historic evidence or antique weapons that could be considered a ninja sword, the history of what we now consider to be a ninjato is really quite short. The accurate history starts in 1964 with a series of Japanese swords depicting the ninjatō. A few years later the American magazine Black Belt begins advertising imported ninja swords for sale and around another 10 years after that ‘Revenge of the Ninja’ is released, firmly cementing the Ninja sword in pop culture psyche.
The design of the Ninja sword is typically shorter than a Katana, with a straight blade, and having a square guard. The reason for Ninja choosing this sword over a Katana is largely speculative, with some theories suggesting the shorter sword was better for quick draws and strikes, allowing for the Ninja to defeat the target before they could even react.

Regardless of the historical accuracy of the ninja blade, it’s still a cool sword, and should be part of any aspiring ninja’s equipment.

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