Best Kitchen Knives 2017

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Whether you want to slice veggies, fruits or prepare meat for your lunch, one thing is certain – you need good kitchen knives. If you have bad quality kitchen knives, you will struggle to cut the ingredients for your meal, and will waste a lot of time. Plus, you might cut yourself. So, be smart, treat yourself and invest in good quality kitchen knives.  They'll last a lifetime of use and pay for themselves in no time at all.

 Chef's Knife Size Price
Henckels, Professional S 20 cm/8 inch Check Price
18 cm/7 inch 
Check Price
Paring Knife Size Price
ZELITE INFINITY Paring Knife (Editors Choice) 10 cm/4 inch
Check Price
Victorinox - Paring Knife
10 cm/4 inch
Check Price
Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Paring Knife
10 cm/4 inch
Check Price
Serrated Utility Knife Size Price
 ZELITE INFINITY Serrated Utility Knife 14 cn/5.5 inch
Check Price
Victorinox CP843 11 cm/4.4 inch
Check Price
DALSTRONG Serrated Utility Knife (Editors Choice)
14 cm/5.5 inch
Check Price
Boning Knife Size Price
V Sabatier Boner (Editors Choice) 15 cm / 6 inch
Check Price
Wusthof Classic boning knife 16 cm/6.3 inch
Check Price
Victorinox C673 Straight Boning Knife 12.7 cm/5 inch
Check Price


In this article, we bring you a buyers’ guide and the best kitchen knives on the market, so that you can make an informed decision and buy just the kitchen knives available.

Kitchen Knives - What to Look For?

Even though there are many types of kitchen knives, there are general things such as solid construction, sharpness, good weight, etc. that make a good kitchen knife. That being said, here are some features to consider when choosing a kitchen knife.

Kitchen Knife - Construction

When it comes to construction, we have stamped and forged knives.

Stamped knives are made with the machine. The blade is made from a continuous sheet of stainless steel and then the handle is added. After that, the knife is sharpened and refined. This knife is much less sturdy and durable compared to its forged counterpart, but it is cheap.

On the other hand, forged knives are produced with heat. Basically, heat is applied to a piece of stainless steel and then the knife is shaped. These knives are resilient and much stronger, but they are also much more expensive than stamped ones.

Kitchen Knife - Weight

A good kitchen knife is neither too heavy nor too light. However, there is not a general rule for choosing a knife of the right weight; this is totally up to you. You need to experiment with different knives so that you can see which knives are better for your hand - lighter or heavier ones.

Kitchen Knife - Balance

Clearly, balance and weight go hand in hand. A well-balanced knife is the one that you can have control over. This means the knife's weight should not fall too much on the one side.

The next thing to take into account is the comfort. So, you want to get a knife with an ergonomic handle. That way, you will do kitchen tasks with peace of mind, knowing that the knife won’t slip from your hand. Also, if you spend many hours in the kitchen, you need a comfortable knife to work with, otherwise you won’t be able to focus on your work.

Kitchen Knife - Material

If we're talking about higher end models, you'll encounter carbon steel, high-carbon stainless steel, and stainless steel kitchen knives. While stainless steel knives are durable, sturdy and easy to sharpen, those made of carbon steel are even stronger but less durable. Knives made of high-carbon stainless steel are the best of the three since they are more durable than carbon steel knives but also stronger than stainless steel knives.
If we're talking about mid-priced models, perfect for everyday use and small tasks, you can use ceramic knives. They are lighter than stainless steel counterparts and are extremely sharp. However, you cannot sharpen them on your own, so you’ll have to take them to a professional and pay him to do that.

Kitchen Knife - Ease of Use

With all the things we have said so far, it is clear that you need a knife that is easy to use. That way, you will cut, slice, chop, and mince food much faster and easier, while also not having to worry about your safety.

Kitchen Knife - Maintenance

You can have the highest-quality knife, but if you don’t take care of it, it will soon become useless. To avoid that happen, do take care of your knife. This includes regular sharpening, drying, hand washing, etc. You can go to this link to learn more about keeping knives' performance and quality at the top level.

Kitchen Knife - Storage

Last but not least. You need to find the perfect place for keeping your kitchen knives within easy reach and on safe. We suggest you buy a magnetic wall holder if you have enough room on your wall. If not, look for other knife racks. Just make sure you don't put your knives in the drawer with other kitchen utensils, as this will decrease their performance.

Types of Kitchen Knives

Some people think that they need to have few kitchen knives, and do all types of kitchen tasks with them, but that's wrong and expensive. Why expensive – you ask. Well, when you use one knife for cutting fruits, veggies, cheese, and meat, it is more likely to break, since it is not meant for all those different tasks. Different types of kitchen knives (chef's knife, serrated utility knife, Paring Knife and boning knife) exist with good reason, and that is to help you make the most out of food preparation. So, in order to buy good quality kitchen knives, first, you need to learn which types you actually need. So, below, you will read about most common types of kitchen knives.

Chef's Knife

Chef’s knife is the chef’s most important tool, because it is designed to handle diverse kitchen tasks with ease, including mincing and chopping veggies, disjointing large batch of meat, as well as cutting meat.

The Chef’s knife has an 8 inches long blade that is 1 1/1 inches wide. Of course, there are some variations in the size.

You should know that there are two basic types of this knife – German and French.
A German chef's knife is designed in such a way that it's continuously curved along the whole cutting edge. On the other hand, the French knife has a straighter edge all the way to the end and then it is curved to the tip. Both types are great choices, it is a matter of personal preference which one you will choose.

Besides that, there are also Japanese gyuto, Santoku knife, and Chinese chef’s knife. While the Japanese and Santoku knives aren't very different from the basic types, the Chinese chef’s knife definitely is.

What makes a good chef’s knife?

  • Size 

As mentioned, there are some variations in the size of a chef's knife, but the best choice is a standard 8-inch blade because it feels nice in your hand, is versatile, and easy to control.

  • Weight and Balance 

Before opting for a certain chef’s knife, make sure you try a few of them in order to find the one that best suits you. While some lighter knives are easier to handle, heavier ones deliver better results, due to more force.

Of course, the weight of the knife impacts its balance. In order to find the perfectly balanced knife, hold it. If you cannot hold it with confidence, because it weighs toward the blade or handle, the knife is not a good choice.

Henckels Professional S Chef’s Knife

Henckels Professional

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Coming from well-known Henckels, it is not surprising that this knife is our top choice. With a stainless steel blade and a remarkable edge, this unit is like a dream come true. This unit is forged and as such brings sturdiness and good balance. Thanks to the riveted handle, you will hold this knife with confidence.

Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku

Wusthof Classic Ikon

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The Wusthof Santoku knife makes simple work of cutting through just about anything, thanks to its design. This unit is made from high-carbon German stainless steel, and is laser-controlled, giving you excellent performance and precision. Double bolsters ensure you get a well-balanced knife, while triple-riveted handle gives you a good grip. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty because it's just that good.

ZELITE INFINITY Santoku Knife 7 Inch


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If you are a chef, then you won’t have second thoughts on buying this top quality Santoku knife. The ZELITE INFINITY Santoku Knife has everything a professional needs – top performance, perfect balance, sturdiness, minimal slicing resistance, and a striking look. Of course, the knife also has a hefty price tag, but it is well worth it.

Paring Knife

Compared to chef’s knives, these are smaller and shorter. They make a great choice for smaller cutting and peeling tasks, due to their plain edge. Paring knives vary in size, but they are usually somewhere between 6 and 10 inches long. These knives are very affordable, coming in £30-£50 price range.

What makes a good Paring knife?

Since these knives are small, they should also be lightweight, giving you a total control when slicing, dicing, and mincing. So, look for a paring knife that delivers that. Furthermore, a good paring knife excels in precision and comes in handy in those situations where you need to pay attention to the details, such as slicing fruits in order to decorate your meals.

One thing to point out is that you have to keep your paring knife as sharp as possible in order to preserve its performance. Also, don’t ever put your knife in the drawer, since its edge will get damaged. It would be best to store your knife in a knife block.
What we also want to mention is that you should not wash your knife in the dishwasher, because a paring knife is small and can get lost inside of the dishwasher. Instead, hand wash it the second you’re done with it, dry it, and apply vegetable oil on the blade. Even though this process is simple, the result is a long—lasting and sharp paring knife for years, so don’t be lazy to do it.

ZELITE INFINITY Paring Knife 4 inch

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Much like previous ZELITE INFINITE knife on this list, this one also offers a top-notch performance. It is made of premium Japanese steel, and has a 4-inch long blade, being the perfect choice for various slicing and cutting tasks. Of course, the knife is durable, so you won’t have to buy a new one in years. With Tsunami Rose Damascus Pattern, this paring knife is easy on the eyes, and will surely add a modern touch to your knife set.
A triple riveted, rounded handle gives you a firm grip and comfort needed in the kitchen, so that you can prepare food safely and quickly. With all its amazing features and a reasonable price, this unit is hard to beat.

Victorinox - Paring Knife 10cm

Victorinox - Paring Knife

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Is there anything worse than struggling to slice your favorite fruits and veggies? Luckily, there is this Victorinox Paring knife that puts you in control of your food. Not only is this unit extremely sharp but it is also very precise. With this little guy in your kitchen, your fruits and veggies will look perfect, and you’ll never again stress about that. The classic black handle is comfortable enough so that you can use the knife without getting distracted by the pain in your palm. On top of all, the Victorinox paring knife comes at an unparalleled price, making it one of the most affordable knives on this list. Without a doubt, this unit provides a great value for the money, and you just can’t go wrong with it. Now, that’s what we call a good quality paring knife.

Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Paring Knife

Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Paring Knife

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If you are looking for a good paring knife that makes easy work of filleting, this is your best bet. The full tang construction ensures you strength and a bit of flexibility. With a sharp blade and edge, this knife also delivers accuracy. It is made of Martensitic stainless steel, therefore it is easy to sharpen, which promises a great performance for a long time.
Even though this knife is lightweight, it is still well-balanced, so you won’t have any difficulty when using it. The icing on the cake is a contemporary styling, making this knife very beautiful. It seems to us that this little unit really has it all.

Serrated Utility Knife

This is one of the most versatile kitchen knives, thus it is perfect for everyday tasks (cutting fruits and veggies, herbs and bread). The serrated utility knife's blade is usually between 4 and 6 inches long and is made of stainless steel or ceramic. This knife is the combination of a paring knife and a chef's knife, bringing the best of both worlds.

What makes a good utility knife?

  • What will you be using it for?

Since there are different sizes of this knife, you should choose the size of the blade based on the kitchen tasks you plan to do. If you want to cut smaller fruits and veggies, and mince herbs, then a 4-inch blade would be fine. However, if you want to cut meat and bread, you need to buy a knife with a 6-inch blade.

  • Serrated or straight-edge 

There are two types of utility knives – those with a straight edge blade or serrated blade. The first one is a good choice for slicing fruits and veggies, while the serrated blade is great for cutting meat, and baked goods.

  • Comfortable handle 

Since you will be using this knife every day, it should come with a comfortable handle so that the knife won’t spin in your palm. The handle should be either D-shaped or oblong. In addition to that, look for the knife with a non-slip coating.

ZELITE INFINITY Serrated Utility Knife 5.5"

ZELITE INFINITY Serrated Utility

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With a 5.5" long blade, this serrated utility knife is a good choice for all kinds of kitchen tasks, from cutting meat and sausage to slicing tomatoes and bread, to slicing fruits.
Thanks to an ergonomic handle, and extraordinary look, the ZELITE INFINITY Serrated Utility Knife is a must-have.

Moreover, with rust, stain and corrosion resistance, and edge retention properties, this knife guarantees durability and a high-level performance for years to come. Add to that a lifetime warranty, and you can see why this knife is one of the best on the market.

Victorinox CP843 Tomato Utility Knife

Victorinox CP843

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Now, here we have a top-notch utility knife, designed with small tasks in mind. This knife is 11 cm long so it’s ideal for slicing fruits and veggies. It doesn’t have a sharp tip, so it is much safer for everyday tasks. Victorinox delivers sharp and durable knives, and this one is no exception.

DALSTRONG Serrated Utility Knife

DALSTRONG Serrated Utility Knife

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Here we have another serrated utility knife, ideal for slicing tomatoes. Coming from Dalstrong, this unit is made of high-quality materials, is light and sharp. No doubt that you will love using it. On top of all, its classic design makes it a great addition to every kitchen.

Boning Knife

A boning knife is a must-have for a home chef who needs to cut through bones and ligaments. As the name itself suggests, this knife serves for de-boning. A boning knife has a thin and flexible blade so that you can reach those small spaces on the beef and pork. There are also stiffer boning knives, and these are ideal for fish and poultry. The blade is usually 5 to 6 inches long.

What makes a good Boning Knife?

  • Width

When choosing a good boning knife, you have to take the width into account. Narrow boning knives are great for cutting around ribs and chops, while wide ones are much better for chicken and pork.

  • Blade 

There are a curved blade and a straight blade. The curved one gives you precision needed when cutting very close to the bone. On the other hand, a straight blade is designed for intricate cutting.

When it comes to the size of a blade, keep in mind that the smaller blades are flexible while bigger ones are stiffer.

Sabatier Boner by Richardson Sheffield

V Sabatier Boner


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If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a boning knife, but still want a good quality one, then this is the way to go. Costing less than £20, this knife will surely be a wise investment. It is well-balanced, sturdy, but also flexible, making it a good choice for deboning. In addition to that, the knife will perfectly fit into your palm, giving you safety. Thanks to its design, you will use it with ease. As for the looks, the knife features a stone finish so that the marks won’t be noticeable even after months of use.
The knife is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing it so as to prolong its life.

Wusthof Classic boning knife

Wusthof Classic boning knife

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Coming from Wusthof, this boning knife delivers flexible performance. The blade is 16 cm long and is pointed, so you can easily de-bone ham, chicken, and use this knife for removing fat. The knife is very sharp so be careful when using it. It is also well balanced, making it one of the best boning knives out there.

Victorinox C673 Straight Boning Knife

Victorinox C673

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Compared to the previous two products, this one has a large handle, thus it's a bit easier to work with. Made of ice-tempered high carbon stainless steel, this knife ensures years of use, giving you a top-notch performance along the way. The unit looks classic, and as such makes a great gift for your favorite home chefs.

Final Thoughts

We wrote about most important things when it comes to kitchen knives, and we hope that this article moved you in the right direction. Whichever type of a kitchen knife you want to buy, just make sure to follow our tips. Good kitchen knives make easy work of slicing, dicing, carving, cutting and de-boning, so get them to see and feel the difference. Don’t forget to sharpen your kitchen knives on a regular basis, to keep their performance at the maximum level.

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