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A Karambit knife is a small, multi-functional, curved-blade knife intended for regular-knife activities such as hunting, hiking, camping, gutting, fishing, self-defence, basic survival activities and others, and also especial activities that only Karambit-style knives can accomplish such as slicing, hooking, tearing and more.

Because of its manoeuvrability, its ergonomics and its shape, a Karambit knife allows its owner to reach p laces that would be inaccessible for all other straight-shaped knives.

Focused on the users with the most extreme necessities, a Karambit knife offers stability, safety and precision even when its owner is hanging upside-down, manoeuvring with only one hand, under water and also in every day usage. The safety ring present in the vast majority of our designs is intended to give the user maximum control over the movements of the knife while making sure it will never fall or slide out of its owner’s hand under any situation.

We offer you a selection of carefully designed, stainless-steel Karambit knives in different shapes and (handle and blade) colours, making sure they meet the basic characteristics of any Karambit knife and our signature quality standards. The live blades in our designs ensure that you will be able to get the best use and results out of your new acquisition.

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