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If there’s a tool that every person should have, that’s the Multi-Tool. Equipped with some of the most basic every-day tools in a convenient scale, this piece is just what you need in order to get a quick fix in many indoors and outdoors life situations. A screw got loose? Want to cut something? Need pliers? The multi-tool is your answer.

A multi-tool is the perfect combination between versatility and usefulness, and while it may not replace the specific tools for each task, the benefits that owning a multi-tool and carrying it on you every-day are undeniable. Its adaptability to even the most unexpected of situations, efficiency at solving problems and convenient size is what makes this item a must-have for any breathing person.

Our range of multi-tools is focused mainly on utility and convenience, that’s why we offer you the possibility to choose between mini multi-tool pieces and regular ones, all with folding capability. Even though most of our multi-tools are made of stainless steel –which assures that your mini tools are not going to bend or waste away over time– our pieces are light, so that carrying them every-day doesn’t mean adding uncomfortable extra weight on you.

Definitely one of the items at the top of our favourite list is the CARBON STEEL SURVIVAL FOLDING MULTI TOOL SET, because it gives you all the benefits that you expect from any multi-tool, and ads the extra hardness and wear-resistance from being made out of carbon steel. It also comes with a set of 12 interchangeable screwdriver-head pieces, making it instantly suitable for many more situations that your regular multi-tool. The carrying around is not a problem for you, since it’s light-weight and comes with a sheath for your convenience.

We designed our multi-tool collection knowing what your every-day needs are, and keeping in mind key factors that will make you want to carry your new tool everywhere just in case you might get a chance to use it.