Best Sellers of 2019: Popular Katanas in the UK

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Which katana samurai swords are most popular in the UK in 2019?

With so many katana sword options available, we like to reflect back each year on the top selling designs. With that in mind, here were our best sellers for 2019, in no particular order.

* Note: Products are not in order, but rather, grouped as a suite of best sellers from the year.

Best sellers of 2019:

Aaiwa Katana Samurai Sword

This entry-level Katana combines a stylish Tsuba with a functional blade for training or cutting. Perfect for the beginning practitioner or collector, this is a fine sword at an affordable price.

Blue Blade Samurai Katana - High Carbon Steel with Dragon Sheath

Hand-crafted using traditional forging techniques, this Katana bears a stunningly blue blade and an artistically detailed Tsuba. For martial artists or collectors, this will make a wonderful conversation or practice piece.

Alexei Katana Samurai Sword

This entry-level sword has a single Bo-Hi to make it lighter as well as a decorative Tsuba and speckled Saya. Perfect for the beginning collector or trainer.

Kikyou Katana Samurai Sword

This white Katana gleams from all but its simple black radial Tsuba. Marked with a Bo-Hi, this sword is ready for a challenge.

Kill Bill "The Bride" Katana Samurai Sword

Now you can wield the same sword as Beatrix Kiddo, "The Bride", in the esteemed films of Kill Bill. Beautifully made using traditional methods, crafted to perfection, and based on the wonderfully displayed swords in the movies, this quality Katana Kill Bill sword replica will make a fantastic conversation piece and allows you to feel just like Beatrix in the movies. For true Kill Bill fans!

Tashi Katana Samurai Sword

This entry-level Katana has an attractive black Tsuka and Sageo along with a functional blade suitable for cutting or training. Good for the beginning sword collector or practitioner, this sword looks great without breaking the bank.

Ruolan Folded Red Steel Katana Samurai Sword

The blade of this Katana is a deep red and features a hardwood look. Accentuated by brighter reds of the Saya and Menuki, this sword's rich tones and firm grip will please collectors and trainers alike.

Anatoly Katana Samurai Sword

This Katana has a radial brass Tsuba patterned after the sunrise and contrasted by black Tsuka and Saya. With a gleaming Bo-Hi, this sword is well-suited to training and cutting at an affordable price.

Kill Bill Katana Samurai Sword - "The Groom"

Now you can wield the same sword as Bill, "The Groom", in the esteemed films of Kill Bill.

Achilleo Katana Samurai Sword

This Katana truly stands out with a Dragon-headed Kashira based by a golden Tsuba. Finished with a pure-white Tsuka, this sword is stunning and functional. Great for collectors or practitioners.

Honourable Mentions: Sword Stands & Engraving

To really complete the ‘set’, especially as an office display piece or a wonderful gift, many of our customers also choose to opt for a sword stand and/or engraving.

Two top-selling sword stands:

Decorative Sword Stand For Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto - Single

A simple but sleek sword stand for a Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto. Perfect for emphasizing the sword while fitting almost anywhere.

Wall Mount Sword Holder For Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto - Double

A simple wall mount for Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto. Perfect for emphasizing the swords while fitting almost anywhere. Holds two swords.

And engraving options (with examples of how engraving is presented): Engraving Options

So there you have it -- the top selling katana samurai swords and swords stands from BladesPro UK in 2019. Which is your favourite?
If you have any questions, ask us any time. Check out our range for the best katana samurai swords at exceptional prices.

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