The Best Of 2019: The Best Katana Ever Made, Sword History, Warriors And More

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Part of our mission at BladesPro is to study, learn and relay information about swords -- not only to sell them. We love to dig into the history of what made swords how they are today, the warriors who wielded them in the battles of old, and the significance of past events on the present.

With that in mind, here's a roundup of what we feel were the best posts of 2019, below.

Honjo Masamune – The Best Katana Ever Made

Masamune and Muramasa are credited as being the two best Japanese swordsmiths who ever lived. Their blades were so good that they were often described as having mystical properties. While the swordsmiths lived over 500 years ago, some of their swords survive today.

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Chinese Women Warriors

Besides Hua Mulan, there have been many other Chinese warrior women throughout history.

In this article, we looked at 3 very special women in sword history.

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Roman Empire vs the Mongol Empire - Parts 1 and 2

In Part 1 of this series comparing the Roman and Mongol Empires, we took a brief look at the rise and fall of these two great empires.

In Part 2, we compare the two and see which one was greater.

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The Notorious Opera Duelist of Paris - Julie d'Aubigny

Few women have achieved the notoriety throughout their entire lifetime that Julie d'Aubigny acquired in just two short decades. Famous for her insatiable sexual appetite and martial prowess, two things that regularly got her into trouble, she would have perished early in life if not for her father’s close contacts with the king.

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The Katana’s Predecessor: The Tachi

Tachi swords were originally developed around 900 AD and commonly made until about 1600. Typically 2-3 Shaku in length, they are slightly longer than a Katana, the sword to which they are most often compared. However, there are other differences between the two.

This post, told in the form of a short story, examines the strengths and differences between the Tachi and the Katana.

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